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weber NEON

We bring light into the night!

A glowing façade? Grouts shining in the dark? It’s not a dream – with Weber’s innovation this is reality!

Are buildings phosphorescent in the dark? Glowing bathroom grouts instead of lamps? Customized and spectacular façade design solutions even in the dark? No, this is not a new Scandinavian project, but an innovation accomplished by Hungarian researchers, developed by Saint-Gobain Hungary: Weber NEON product family. What does this mean in our daily lives and how can we use it to customize our home? Find it out from our article!

The innovation is considered a reform in the whole construction industry: the entry of the neonizing webercolor NEON glowing cementitious grout, the weberton NEON glowing acrylic façade paint and the weberpas NEON glowing self-cleaning wet render on the market. During the development resulting from more than 7 years of research the microstructure of the well-known, high-quality materials of the company was modified in such a way, that the surfaces covered with weberNEON products charge up with sunlight or artificial light, then in the dark emit the absorbed energy, producing a glowing effect.

weberpas NEON - Glowing wet render

From now on, you don’t have to say goodbye to colours when night falls!
The weberpas NEON plaster glows in the dark, so unique design solutions will no longer be limited by darkness, only by your imagination!

Technical Data Sheet │ Declaration of Performance │ Safety Data Sheet  

weberton NEON - Glowing façade paint

A dazzling surprise when night falls! With our glowing paint, you can create breath-taking, never-before-seen design solutions, the secret of which is revealed only after dark!

Technical Data Sheet │ Safety Data Sheet 


webercolor NEON - Glowing grout

High-quality grout with reduced water absorption and high wear resistance.
Available in two basic colours and three types of neonizing effects.

Technical Data Sheet │Declaration of Performance │ Safety Data Sheet 

Weber NEON - we bring light into the night!

Shine with us!

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